Bicyclists riding from Texas to Alaska to raise cancer awareness


A group of University of Texas students are making their way to Alaska on bicycles.

Their mission is to raise money in the fight against cancer.

The “Texas 4000” organization peddled their way to Beaumont Thursday afternoon.

For the riders the month’s long journey is very personal.

“Getting the call from my mom that we needed to come home immediately, she then gave us the news that she was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer,” says bike rider Patrick Goldman.

Beaumont is one of the stop in their 4,000 mile journey across country.

Cullen Bounds, another of the riders says that each rider is responsible to raising one dollar for every mile they ride for a total of $4,500.

The group started in Austin, then headed to Houston, and now they are in Beaumont, they are making their way across the Ozark Mountains, to finally end their journey in Anchorage, Alaska.

“The bike ride is not as overwhelming as people who have to fight cancer every day,” says Bounds, “we keep that in mind, it’s a very inspiring process.”

With every pedal and every drop of sweat, they are constantly reminded and inspired by the relatives battling cancer.

“I think it’s something that makes me proud and it’s the least I can do to pay respect not only to my mother, but all love ones friends and family affected with the terrible disease such as cancer,” says Goldman.

Throughout their journey the group has already raised over half a million dollars, all in hopes of seeing a cancer-free future.

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Written by Juan Rodriguez

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