Beaumont woman takes part in cross-country bike ride


University of Texas students on a 4,300 mile bicycle ride made a stop in Beaumont Thursday, spreading their message of hope, knowledge and charity in the fight against cancer.

The cycling team is called the Texas 4000, and one of its members, Layla Nejad, is a Beaumont native.

The UT biochemistry student and Kelly High School grad said she’s proud to be back in her hometown spreading such a meaningful message.

“I’m so excited to see everyone in the community, connect and share our program,” Nejad said.

It’s the longest annual charity bicycle ride in the world, and the cyclists will eventually stop in Alaska, raising money along the way for cancer research.

This year’s group has raised $600,000.

Nejad and her teammates said they know the 70-day trip will be grueling but the ones they’re riding for are worth it.

“Every week we share why we’re riding and who we’re riding for and so their reasons have become my reasons for riding as well as my donors,” Nejad said.

“What really keeps us going is our connection to cancer,” her teammate Levi Joseph said. “Yes riding a bicycle is hard, but it’s no comparison against the battle of this disease.”

Mayor Becky Ames presented the team with honorary Beaumont citizenship cards. Nejad said she’s proud of how welcoming Beaumont has been.

The cyclists said they changed their route from previous years and made Southeast Texas a priority because of the high cancer rates in the area.

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By Brittany Rainville
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