Ballroom dancing can take a lifetime to master, but three UT students have learned it in only a few months. These students will be judged tonight on their newly acquired skills at the second-ever “Dancing with the Stars: UT,” an event hosted by Texas Ballroom and Texas 4000. The competition is structured like a scaled-down […]

A group of University of Texas students is preparing for the hot, the cold, the wet and whatever other natural elements they will encounter on their upcoming bike ride from Austin to Anchorage, Alaska. The 85-member group, known as Texas 4000, will be making the 4,500-mile ride beginning May 31 as part of its annual […]

Join the 2014 Texas 4000 team on the first day of their 70-day cross-country ride from Austin to Anchorage! The ATLAS Ride is open to the entire community and is the perfect way to show your support without committing an entire summer to the effort! Course distance options include 25, 50 and 70-mile routes and […]

# 14. Jay Shah biked 4,500 miles to raise money for cancer awareness. Class of 2014 Jay Shah spent his summer cycling from Austin to Anchorage, Alaska, with an organization called Texas 4000, which coordinates the longest charity ride in the world. After training for more than a year with 68 other undergraduate and graduate […]

Motivated by her father’s battle with cancer, studio art junior Emmy Laursen is participating in Texas 4000 in order to raise money for cancer research. Texas 4000 also funded graduate student Avinash Gadok’s research project that looks to inhibit tumor growth. A UT graduate student is exploring a method to inhibit tumor growth by re-establishing […]

ANCHORAGE, Alaska — From the Lone Star state to the Last Frontier, 69 University of Texas students pedaled more than 4,500 miles in 70-days, completing the 10th annual Livestrong Texas 4000, the longest charity bike ride in the world. “We had a lot of wind, 110 degree days, foggy days, we had rainy days, but […]

After biking for 70 days and 4,687 miles, and covering 20 states and five Canadian territories, the 2013 Texas 4000 team will cross the finish line today in Anchorage, Alaska. The Texas 4000 from Austin to Anchorage is the longest annual charity bike ride in the world, and has raised over $4 million for the […]

After 70 days of bicycling through the United States and Canada, the 2013 LIVESTRONG Texas 4000 team will rest their weary feet Friday in Anchorage, the final destination of the 4,500-mile, annual charity ride. And the race’s organizers are hosting a community barbecue at Kincaid Park, the finish line. Sixty-nine undergraduate and graduate students from […]