Adopt a bike for the 2023 Team! The bike that carries a Texas 4000 team member from Austin to Anchorage is a tangible symbol of the rider’s commitment to the fight against cancer since our founding. The bike is gifted to the team member once the ride is completed. Some go on to cycle thousands more miles on it and others hang it on the wall as a reminder of what they have accomplished on the ride and in the fight against cancer.

During the pandemic, cycling gained in popularity and combined with disrupted supply chains, it has made obtaining bikes difficult and much more expensive.

Bike are Texas 4000’s single largest program expense, and this year we anticipate that expense to be 40% higher than in the past.

$34,880.00 was raised by adopting the 2022 team’s bikes. Our goal is to raise $81,000 through adopting the 2023 team’s bikes.

2022 Adopt-A-Bike Donors

  • 2011 Rockies Route
  • 2012 Team
  • 2014 Team
  • 2017 Team
  • Austin Subaru
  • Amanda Myers
  • Avi Lowenstein
  • Barney Sinclair
  • Chris McCraw
  • Craig Baldwin
  • Dr. Eardie Curry
  • Dr. Jeff Dykes
  • Eric Mowery
  • Gary Mowery
  • Georgia Jolink
  • Jerry Snyder
  • Jessica Brubaker
  • Kate Simpson
  • Kerry Rupp
  • Mary Dirting
  • Lloyd Brubaker
  • Robbie Ketch
  • Sophie Winkleman
  • Lynn Porath
  • Louis Armendariz
  • Javier Romero
  • Brett Wiersum
  • Agustin Fierros
  • Fee Aquique
  • Kylee Olson