Texas 4000 Riders Stop in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. – A group of students from the University of Texas at Austin made a pit-stop in Springfield yesterday– as they head to their destination, Anchorage, Alaska.

The student organization, Texas 4000, is a non-profit that raises money and awareness for cancer.

The flagship event is this 4,500 mile bike ride – where the students intend to spread hope, knowledge and charity to the communities they encounter along the way.

Rider Imran Zafar said, “Cancer has touched us all in some way. Some of the riders are survivors themselves, at least three, and the rest of us have a cancer story and that’s what pushes us everyday through the heat and challenges that come with a ride like this.”

The event takes an 18 month commitment from students, with the last two months being the ride – which takes 70 days.

This group left Austin on June 3 and just wrapped up day 22.

The riders will head to Waynesville today. Their next major stop is St. Louis.

We wish them all the best of luck as they continue on their journey to raise money for a great cause.

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