2021 Summer Ride Updates

Our hope was to send you this update last week, but the winter storm that blanketed all of Texas had us turning our attention to helping those affected in the T4K family. We appreciate those of you that checked on our well-being. We are nearly back to normal operations with riders cycling to prepare for the summer ride.

Dear Texas 4000 Family,

Since the pandemic began in March of 2020, we have been reminded again and again that cancer hasn’t stopped. The work that we do together to spread information on cancer awareness and prevention, raise funds for cancer support services and life-saving cancer research is needed just as much as it was before, maybe even more now.

The generosity of people like you has taken on so many forms over the past 10 months – from loaning your personal bikes so riders on the 2021 team can train until their bikes arrive, donating to support the riders and the fight against cancer, and sharing words of encouragement. It is this love that you share with these resilient and determined young women and men that fuels them in their efforts each day to keep fighting cancer every mile.

While we all remain hopeful in 2021 as the vaccine for COVID-19 becomes more widely available, we know that the pandemic continues to impact all aspects of life, and Texas 4000 is no exception. Some of you have reached out to ask about the status of the summer ride. While no decision has been made at this time on the form the ride will take this summer, our number one priority remains the health and safety of the team and the communities that they come in contact with during the ride.

We expect to make a decision on the 2021 summer ride at the end of March. In the interim, we are taking the following steps to determine what form the summer ride will take on.:

The Texas 4000 board, staff, team members and medical professionals in infectious disease are actively meeting and working on plans that encompass  the health and safety of all individuals and aspects of the ride

  • Our goal is always “Austin to Anchorage”, but if that is not possible other options being considered include:
    • A ride in the 48 contiguous states
    • A regional ride
    • A Texas only ride

We now know much more about what we can do and how to protect the health & safety of our riders and supporters than we did back in March of 2020. For that reason, and because we’ve been able to continue to train following strict COVID safety protocols, we do believe that a physical ride this summer in some form is achievable.

If you’re a host and have been contacted by the team, we ask that you continue to plan with the travel committee member that reached out to you. They should be able to answer your questions or find the answer and share it with you. If you’ve been a past host and haven’t been contacted or if you’d like to help in any other way, please email info@texas4000.org. Lastly, the 2021 team welcomes your support in the fight against cancer, CLICK HERE to make a donation today.  

We will continue to update you as information becomes available. Please visit www.texas4000.org for updates.Thank you again for your continued support and love, and as always, we ride for everyone affected by cancer.

With you in the fight against cancer,

Texas 4000 Board, Staff, and Riders