2018 Volunteered at St. Baldrick’s

St. Baldricks

When arriving at the Dell Children’s Healing Garden, the area was devoid of activity, only populated by tables, chairs, and a couple volunteers, a stark contrast from the activity that would fill the outdoor space a couple hours later.  The event taking place in the garden was a part of the Brave the Shave campaign, something started by St. Baldrick’s, an organization raising money for the cure of pediatric cancer.  We started out setting up many tables, chairs, and tents, as the event was full of all sorts of different organizations (including ourselves) providing things from food to face paint to mini ponies.  As some of the companies or organizations started arriving, we help all of them set up, and it wasn’t much longer until people started to show.  This great event brought together all sorts of members of the community including many families.  For the first few hours, we manned our table producing popcorn for the masses or helped out other organizations around the garden, including a food truck that provides meals for children patients in hospitals.  The main event started around noon, with many of the people there having signed up to have their head shaved to stand in solidarity with all those who have cancer, as many lose their hair during chemo therapy.  Each of the dozens who shaved their heads had a story read to accompany them, all of the stories leaving a powerful mark on those watching, each reinforcing the mission for which each of those on our team are riding to Alaska for.  After the event was over, people slowly trickled out, and we took down tables and chairs until the garden returned to its original calm state, with all hair and popcorn cleaned up, the only thing remaining being the message conveyed through the act all those adults and children took part in.

Written by 2018 Rider Drew Curran