2018 Volunteered at the BP MS150

I had the opportunity to volunteer for the MS 150 in Austin throughout the weekend. On Friday, I was able to help direct bikers to the busses taking them to Houston, the start of the race. And on Sunday, I was able to cheer on the bikers as they crossed the finish line, help load the Houstonian’s bikes back on busses to go home, and many various tasks.

The best part about this weekend was talking to one of the head volunteers named Julia with another teammate, Chai. Since Friday was less busy, we were able to talk to her about Texas 4000 as well as the MS 150. Julia had volunteered with the MS 150 for six years now and just had the best things to say about Texas 4000 volunteers. It was eye opening to hear stories of Texas 4000 riders who made so many connections through small encounters with riders of the MS 150. We heard about several riders who were supported tremendously solely by the people they met while volunteering for the MS 150.

I had a blast getting to know my teammates more, as well as learning all about riders of the MS 150 and why they ride. Throughout the event, I was given various tasks, but in the end, I was helping people get their completion certificates. This is where I had the most interaction with riders and got to learn about how their rides were!

Written by 2018 Rider Madelin Cowden