2017 Volunteered at Trail of Lights

Being from Austin, the Trail of Lights is a staple to my holiday experience. However, I have always approached it from an enjoyment standpoint and have never volunteered for it. Volunteering was a completely different experience and one that I greatly enjoyed. I volunteered at the start line of the race with some of my fellow teammates. We were tasked with making sure everyone was in the right spot before the race and were handed an all-powerful megaphone to do so. The weather wasn’t really what one would call A+ weather. It was cold (for a Texan) and rainy. Luckily being with my team made it all the better and ended up being a great bonding experience. We talked about how we loved seeing the team come together this semester, danced to the music at the starting line, drank hot chocolate to stay warm, and talked about our hopes for the winter and semester.

Coming into Texas 4000 one of my biggest worries was making friends and was intimidated by all of the people who knew people beforehand and those were extroverted enough to make friends within minutes. Volunteering events like the Trail of Lights fun have really helped quench that worry and have been some of my favorite moments with Texas 4000 so far. They have provided countless opportunities to make friends within the organization and outside through the conversations that you have with them. I can’t wait to see how next semester progresses as I continue to develop friendships I can tell will last for a lifetime.

Written by: Michael Orlando