2017 Volunteered at Shiner Beer Run

I sat around in a circle with my teammates, laughing so hard my stomach hurt. We’d been stuffing bags, handing out packets, and drinking kombucha at the Shiner Beer Run volunteer event for about two hours. We’d played games, talked about the previous weekend at training camp, and just had a really good time overall. One of my teammates started playing Louie Armstrong as the sun started to go down, and an event nearby poured soap into the fountain to make bubbles, so the atmosphere was absolutely amazing. Then, we met a 2010 Texas 4000 alumna who rode on the Sierra route. She sat down with us and talked for a few minutes, explaining that she was now a volunteer coordinator and really appreciated all that we were doing to help out. After the sun went down and all of the participants had picked up their packets, we helped the staff load up all of the supplies into different vans. I have to say, as the semester starts to get more stressful, this volunteer event was the perfect stress reliever. I was reminded of all the support my teammates were willing to provide; laughing and joking with them while volunteering was exactly what I needed to make it through the week. I can’t express how grateful I am to have so many fun, caring people to make volunteering just that much more fun.

Written by: Reghan Conrey