2017 Volunteered at Dell Survivor Challenge

Recently, I started volunteering at the Dell Survivor Challenge. The Survivor Challenge is a group of children and their families who meet weekly to train for a 5k run. The extraordinary part of the Survivor Challenge is that all of the children participating have battled cancer! Some of the kids are now cancer-free while others are currently going through treatment during the training process. These children are incredibly tough! I ran laps with the kids, did push-ups alongside them, and I struggled to keep up with them! After my first training session with the kids, I started to ponder what it means to be a survivor. The dictionary defines survivor as someone who remains alive or someone who continues to exist. I don’t like that definition. The survivors at the Dell Survivor Challenge do a lot more than simply continuing to exist – they are motivators, go-getters, and risk-takers! They are beacons of hope. The children and their families are living-proof of the strength, courage, and compassion it takes to overcome life’s obstacles. It is absolutely inspiring to see these kids smiling, running, and laughing despite the physical and emotional adversity they have faced. Through these kids I learned to not let anything define you – whether that “thing” is a dictionary definition or cancer.

Written by: Emily Murphy