2017 Volunteered at the Bevoman Triathalon

On Sunday, April 2nd, the 2017 team, along with the 2018 team, had the opportunity to volunteer at the Bevoman Triathlon. The event was organized by the UT Triathlon Team, so it was fun to be able to support a fellow UT organization, especially one that values cycling as much as we do. The 2017er’s and 2018er’s were split between shifts, one that began at 5:30 AM and the other at 8 AM. At this point in the training year, we are no longer phased at waking up so early – which is a good skill to possess as over the summer we will wake up at around 5 AM everyday for the most part!

I arrived a little before 8 AM and had the opportunity to chat with some 2018 riders. It was so cool to be able to volunteer with them and remember back to a year ago when we were in their shoes. I vividly recall those volunteer events last year and how they served as a great opportunity to bond with the team, the majority of whom I was just beginning to get to know at the time. Through those events, you garner a sense of belonging and contribution within the T4K and Austin community, so I was happy to see them enjoying themselves. 

I was chiefly responsible for guarding an access road and ensuring that traffic flowed in a counterclockwise direction, opposite of the flow of cyclists, to maximize safety for the cyclists. They had just completed the swim portion of their event and had now moved onto the bike. Something very new to me was seeing cyclists from a standing-on-the-side-of-the-road perspective. It made me wonder what we actually look like to cars and pedestrians when we partake in our weekday and Saturday rides. I am sure we look just as impressive, though! Furthermore, it was very interesting to take in the riders whizzing past me – many were from different colleges from around Texas and even surrounding states, allowing for us to interact with students who have a passion for cycling beyond the UT campus. My favorite quote I heard was from a LSU rider who said, “Wow, we sure don’t have hills like that in southern Louisiana!”

Shortly thereafter, some threatening rain unfortunately called off the event, but I was glad we came. The event proved fun to partake in and it was great to be able to cheer on the riders – some 2017 riders even participated in this Triathlon event! Still the same, it blows all of our minds that in just 61 short days we will be embarking on our journey to Alaska and that what we witnessed this morning, the cyclists whizzing past, will be us for 70 days straight, in addition to the multitude of other adventures, people, and challenges we will face along the way. We couldn’t me more excited for the times ahead. 

Written by 2017 Rider Nick Sajatovic