The 2017 Team at Dell’s Childrens’ St. Baldricks Brave The Shave

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Our Texas 4000 booth was a hit at Dell Children’s Brave the Shave event. Families loved our interactive fishing game. While the children went fishing for prizes, we were able to educate the parents and older children about Texas 4000. Throughout the day, we heard the stories of many individuals who braved the Shave for friends and loved ones affected by pediatric cancer. We also were able to speak with a psychologist about Bicycle Buddies and she is going to let her patients know about the program in hopes that it will help with their recovery. In the last half of our volunteering, a few of the nurses were able to bring out their patients to enjoy the garden, the sunshine, and a few even wanted to play our fishing game. We were all happy to do our small part for Dell Children’s Brave the Shave.

All in all, it was an inspiring day!

Written by Margot Prewitt