The 2016 Team & Dell Children’s Survivor Challenge: Week 2

This week’s workout was incredible! After just two weeks I can already tell  that our weekly 5K practices are going to be the best part of my school week. I guess the change of season had all the kids excited, because A, L, S and N were all very high energy this evening. After warm ups we dove into a circuit workout, which consisted of eight stations around the lake with sprints in between. I had never seen A so determined to beat all those boys in our self-proclaimed, affectionately named “Super Group!” Meanwhile, S, who is a little older and a lot faster than most of the kids, led us all around the lake without hardly breaking a sweat, though he did stop to commune with the resident geese. And so the team of four college kids and five real kids ran around the lake completing sets of push-ups, burpees, planks and squats with relatively few disasters and increasingly much hilarity. Thankfully, L informed us that the bright moon poking through the clouds was merely a waxing gibbous, so N’s transformation into a full-fledged werewolf would have to wait another week or so. However, L’s nugget of wisdom did not prevent N from giving a convincing dress rehearsal-replete with authentic howling. Once out werewolf situation was in check, we focused on a friendlier theme for our workout-healthy eating tips! After every station we would come together in a triumphant circle and decide on a group food cheer, usually a fruit or vegetable but piranhas and reptiles snuck their way in on several occasions. However the Super Group did eventually decide on a crowd favorite-by overwhelming popular vote. And so if you happened to be in the vicinity of a group of teenagers and elementary schoolers breathlessly yelling the words, “okay, banana on three!” then I apologize for the recurring potassium theme, and hope you’ll join us next time for post-workout snack-three guesses as to what the Super Group is having! 

By 2016 Rider: Dana Moore