2015 Team Volunteers at Dirty Du

Dirty Du 2

I exchange nervous glances with the two teammates sharing my carpool as the first ominous drops of rain smash against our windshield. We’re on our way to volunteer for the Dirty Du, a duathlon featuring two 5K runs on either side of a 12-mile mountain biking course. Since this race takes place at the Rocky Hill Ranch near Smithville, Texas, our office staff has asked us to camp the night before. At the very least, the unpredictable weather will be great preparation for our 70-day summer ride from Austin to Anchorage. Once we arrive, we waste no time in setting up several tents and making hot dogs with my portable propane burner. Texas 4000 riders value sleep in addition to fun, so we tuck into our warm Mountain Hardwear sleeping bags and let the gentle drops of rain lull us into slumber. By the time we awaken in the early morning, these drops have turned into a relentless deluge. We slide through the mud and meet with the race coordinators, who assign us to packet-distribution, directing cars, and serving breakfast. I’m assigned with two other teammates to the lone water stop on the race. We can’t help but laugh as each competitor runs and cycles through with a steadily growing mud stain on his or her rear. It’s a good feeling to leave Smithville knowing that we represent one of few organizations willing to make the trip out for the one and only Dirty Du.


By Logan Debord