2015 Team Volunteers at Austin Marathon

ATX Marathon2

It’s a cool morning in Austin—mile 23 of my fourth marathon. I’ve found during this race that cycling long distances on Texas 4000 training rides has made my endurance much better! I’m experiencing a little foot pain, but I’m looking forward to a cheer stop put on by some of my teammates. I coast down the Duval Hill (as the last phase of some of our routes is known) and into a sea of clapping teammates donned in T4K jerseys. Tess Ortega has even brought her trumpet and is serenading runners to “The Eyes of Texas.” The support is just enough motivation for me to overcome the pain and finish the last two miles. At the finish line, I’m surprised to see my teammate Dan Von Dongen just ahead of me—he’s an accomplished triathlete, but this is his first full marathon without the accompanying swim and bike portions. Afterwards, I make it back to our cheer stop just in time to see another teammate, Grace Biggs, running to the finish! This Austin Marathon gave me some interesting insight into what it feels like to be a race competitor supported by our incredible, cancer-fighting organization.

By Logan Debord