About Me


  • Route: Rockies
  • Ride Year: 2018
  • Hometown: Katy, TX
  • School Year: Senior
  • Major: International Relations and Global Studies
  • Email: cshafik@utexas.edu

About: I am studying International Relations and Global Studies (IRG) with a focus on International Security at the University of Texas at Austin. I am studying IRG because I believe in the IDEA that is America and I believe in spreading our values of democracy, human rights, and equality under the law. I want to pursue a career in national security, specifically in regards to obstructing terrorism, to help all individuals live free of fear. Lastly, I serve as a leader with YoungLife Capernaum where we share the Gospel with kids that have intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Why I Ride

I ride for Marlyn and Karen Beshay and their mother and father who lost their brother and son, Anthony Beshay to cancer. I ride for my best friend, Matthew Tedross and his family who lost their father and husband, Maged Tedross to cancer. I ride for Mona Abouelkhier and her daughters, who lost their husband, father, and our beloved family friend, Sheriff Abouelkhier to cancer. I ride for my 7-year-old Camp Kesem camper, Gavin Vohl, who lost his mother to cancer two weeks before I met him.

I ride because I know I have an ultimatum: Carry on with my life wishing never to have to cope with cancer, or kick its ass by inspiring hope around the country, learn and spread preventive measures, and raise money for cancer research and support services.

I ride because I can think of no other act more powerful, no trek more symbolic, no pursuit more loving, than riding on account Anthony Beshay, Maged Tedross, Sheriff Abouelkhier, Nicki Vohl, and countless others. I would be honored to dedicate a day for your loved one. I request you donate a $100 for a day ride dedication. Please pray for this ride, for this fight, and especially for these families. I ride for every one of them and for every person below.

Thank you and may God bless you.

To Alaska and Always,

DAY 1: Anthony Beshay - Funded
DAY 3: Sonia Ibrahim - Funded
DAY 4: Matt Ratzloff - Funded
DAY 5: Norbert Grundman - Funded
DAY 7: Nicki Vohl - Funded
DAY 8: Tasony Victoria - Funded
DAY 10: Halim Shafik - Funded
DAY 11: Tommy Mann - Funded
DAY 14: Maged Tedross - Funded
DAY 19: Adly Faragalla - Funded
DAY 20: Aida Morcos - Funded
DAY 33: Hany Lotfy - Funded
DAY 35: Magda Besahy - Funded
DAY 37: Sheriff Abouelkhier - Funded
DAY 40: Nader Beshay - Funded
DAY 55: Madelin Naguib Ibrahim - Funded
DAY 66: Karima Bekhit - Funded
Day 68: Nermine Naguib - Funded
DAY 70: My Teammates - Funded