This weekend I rode 72 miles on the bike over two rides and two days. The weekend before that, I’m proud to say I did a casual 20 miles with only one near miss. A week before that I was learning how to clip-in while trying my best not to fall over and add to […]

I have been living with my broken ankle for a week now. When it first happened I was honestly in disbelief. I had never broken a bone before, or seriously injured myself, and I had no idea what this would entail. After a week of hobbling around on crutches and being incredibly reliant on others […]

It has been a hot minute since I got around to providing an update and, to be honest, the last few weeks with getting on the bike have been a little overwhelming.  I haven’t ridden a bike (moving bike that is @soulcycle) in about seven years so that alone scared me a bit.  But adding […]

Last weekend, I attended training camp and finalized my Texas 4000 training. Starting this Saturday, I will be riding out with my team on progressively longer and more difficult rides. Training camp was my first glimpse at some of the things I will have to deal with on the ride –  uncomfortable nights on school […]

Training camp came with a lot of different emotions and lots of lessons.  I learned how to be the weakest link.  I learned how to build others up when I wasn’t the weakest link.  I learned how to call people out to make sure safety was a top priority even when I was uncomfortable doing so. […]

Yesterday morning, in 30-degree weather, I and my teammates rode 20 miles at Skills Clinic. At Skills Clinic, I felt my excitement and fervor for the mission of Texas 4000 come to life. Despite the freezing temperatures, the lack of feeling in my fingers and face, and the lack of sleep that has come to […]

This time last year, I was an anxious and depressed mess. I never left my room and I was so close to asking if I could drop out because I felt like I didn’t have a place at UT. I had finished my solo and group interviews for Texas 4000 and was extremely uncertain about […]

I recently read A Million Miles in a Thousand Years by Donald Miller, which is one of those books that you can’t read without it changing your life a bit. (thanks Louisa Angly) Don talks a lot about how to live a good story. He says that a story is based on what people think is […]

It is crazy to think my team and I are already on our bikes training for those 2,000 training miles to tackle on the 4,500 in the summer. Oct. 21st was our first skills clinic and we had the privilege to learn basic bike skills from outstanding alumni. We also finally had the chance to […]

After a long month of staring at my beautiful red (or is it pink?) bike leaning precariously against the window of my tiny dorm room, I finally got to take him outside and give him a spin. This was much more difficult said than done. Now, I know how to ride a bike. In 4th […]