I was sitting in a chair clearly made for someone no taller than 4’10, deeply engaged in conversation about 21 Savage, mixing glue, shaving cream, and neon green paint by hand. Teaching kids with cancer to make crafts while they’re getting chemo and transfusions seems like a pretty straightforward and worthwhile task. But there I […]

Day 43: Columbia Icefield, AB to McBride, AB Today would be our qualifying ride for the Dease Lake challenge (a 210-mile ride with 12,000 ft of elevation). In order to qualify, riders would have to complete a 100-mile ride in under 7 hours. I, personally, was not too interested in participating in this challenge, so […]

Day 39: Calgary to Banff I awoke this morning to the pitter-patter of rain on the church’s roof. Throughout much of our journey, we have been lucky to not ride through rain. Unfortunately, luck can only do so much when you’re in Canada. After a breakfast of Tim Horton’s, I got bundled up in my […]

Day 35: Glacier National Park to Lethbridge, AB I did not wake up a happy camper. Not only was my tent wet; my sleeping bag was too. I had assumed that I didn’t need my rain fly because there was no chance of rain the previous day. Turns out that they are great for keeping […]

Day 29: Yellowstone to Bozeman Waking up at 3:30 is never a pleasant experience, especially when the weather is in the 30’s (at the start of July, nonetheless!). The sight of teammates all huddled around the oatmeal at the table comforted me a bit though. They’re just as cold and tired as I am. If […]

Day 27: Idaho Falls, ID to Grand Teton National Park, WY Where to even start with today? Just knowing the number of miles (126) we were striving to ride, I knew today would be eventful. My ride group for today would be pretty small (Rachel and Nicole), but I actually prefer smaller groups so this […]

Day 25: Logan UT to Pocatello ID Idaho was a state that I was very excited for. When the Rockies route for this year was being created, I was the one who suggested we stop in Pocatello and Idaho Falls, two larger towns in Idaho that Texas 4000 had never visited before. Some people joked […]

Day 20: Grand Junction to Moab Today would be an early day (as in start riding at 5:00 in the morning early). Knowing the way the heat was yesterday we didn’t want to take any chances. The ride through grand junction, an arid landscape, ended up being extremely gorgeous. The rising sun, a pure red […]

Day 11- Enid, OK to Wichita, KS Today was an 114-mile day, but Oklahoma -evidently- wanted us gone: the whole day we had a strong southern wind to our backs, propelling us to the Kansas border. Our ultimate destination would be the house of a teammate’s (Valerie) aunt. The reunion was uplifting, but also somewhat […]

As one might expect, riding to Alaska takes a lot of time. There’s spending time with hosts, unloading trailers, sleeping (very necessary when biking every day), and -of course- biking. I have, thus, not had as much time to blog as I’d like. Thus, instead of writing the detailed events of every day, I’ll give […]