When I sat in my first interview for Texas 4000, they asked me what pillar of our cause stood out to me the most. We have three; hope, knowledge, and charity. I offered charity as my answer, believing it to be right-sounding one, the one that most appealed to the interview process. Charity, to be […]

As a little kid, I always equated the holiday season with a time for exchanging presents. I held onto the belief that the holiday season wasn’t really about the holiday cards of families dressed in tacky Christmas sweaters or friends gathering around to watch How the Grinch Stole Christmas for the 26th time over some […]

“We share hope, knowledge and charity in the fight against cancer…..” -Texas 4000 Mission Statement People tend to respond in different ways upon hearing about involvement in Texas 4000. Most have a myriad of questions, others are intrigued by the mission, and some laugh at the absurdity of it all. With that, there have been […]

Tanju Tuzer, or Mr. Tuzer, as I know him, was the artistic director of Tuzer Dance School, the ballet company in which I grew up in Dallas. He was a role model from the beginning, someone who taught me the lessons of life.  I remember being very young and watching him teach the older girls’ ballet […]

It’s been a while since I’ve been on my bike, but I’m still shocked of how far I have come and how my team has improved so much, all while staying true to the mission of Texas 4000. The last official Saturday ride we had was no exception to the rule, seeing commitment in action […]

A few weeks ago, my dad came down to Austin to have dinner with me. When he came to my house to pick me up, I eagerly asked if he wanted to see my bike. He picked up the frame and inspected it, slowly and closely. “Have you named it?” “Not yet. I know it’s […]

Last time on Victoria Lee’s T4K Blog, we left off after I had completed Skills Clinic 1, scraped and bruised but still with high hopes. I was expecting the first time for me to start tearing up on the bike to be during a particularly long day on the summer ride itself – not the […]

There are moments when it hits me what I’ve committed to. About halfway through my 30mi ride today, I looked down at my bike Kemah, named after the city & boardwalk on the coast of Texas, & squeezed the handlebars tight. I’m taking that beauty all the way through this country, & Canada, too. Today […]

Just as the Emmy award-winning show Hard Knocks annually ushers in football season by chronicling the awe-inspiring highs and demoralizing lows that encompass NFL training camps, I wanted to take the time to recount three of the more memorable moments from our very own Texas 4000 training camp. Without further ado: The patience and affability that […]

My grandpa, in his old age, is a man of few phrases. He spends his days wandering around his retirement home, making friends, watching TV, and occasionally finding a new “lady friend.” Whenever he finds a new “lady friend,” he assures us that she is not a replacement for my grandmother. He tends to repeat […]