Brittany Petty
Rider Profile
Team: ozarks 2013
Miles Ridden: 1158.7
Money Raised: $4,503.00

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My name is Brittany Petty and I come from a small town in Texas called Bangs. I am a Sociology/Pre-Pharmacy major. I plan on attending pharmacy school in hopes of one day being able to discover medicines that will help fight unknown and present diseases. I want to help people. My parents have always taught me to work for the things in life you want. I used to think that was a dumb idea, but I have now realized that it is the truth. Life is not easy. Every day is a challenge and some people fight that challenge with obstacles such as cancer. I have made a bucket list of things I want to do someday, helping the fight against cancer is one of them. I have had many family members with cancer and I will do my part to help fight cancer. The journey will be tough, but in the end worth it.

Personal Statement
I ride for my good friend Helena. I met Helena my freshman year at UT. We became extremely close and we planned on living together my sophomore year. During the summer she got sick a lot, and later found out that she had cancer. Helena is the kindest person that I have ever met and she will go way out of her way to help people in need, which she has done it for me on numerous occasions. Despite the fact that Helena has cancer, she continues to stay strong. She is my most recent motivation for the cause.

I also ride for my dad. My dad is in remission and has been for about six years. When I was in the sixth grade, we found out that my dad had cancer. It was one of the scariest moments in my life, because my dad is one of the best people I know. Today my dad is back to normal and that makes life good again. I’ve been able to relax knowing that I still have my dad with me today. I want others out in the world to feel at ease, like I do with my dad knowing that there are ways to fight the cancer their loved one's have. That’s why I ride, for past family relatives infected with cancer and for loved ones of others still uncured.