Kaitlyn Hunt
Rider Profile
Team: rockies 2012
E-mail: krhunt11@gmail.com
Miles Ridden: 1478.68
Money Raised: $5,245.15

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I’m a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student at UT. I love live music, driving through the hill country, singing at the top of my lungs (when nobody else is around), going dancing, and hanging out with my entertaining family. Any spare time I have is spent doing one of the things already listed, making people laugh, or reading a good book. I try to spend a lot of time helping other people because I like seeing happy people.
I heard about Texas4000 when I was still in high school and one of my sister’s friends said he was going to ride his bike to Alaska. First thought: “He’s crazy.” Then, I found out it was for cancer research and education and since then, I’ve been trying to figure out a way to make it possible for me to do this ride. I’ve been passionate about raising funds for cancer since my grandfather was diagnosed my sophomore year in high school and cancer became a very real thing in my life. I’m tired of seeing the negative effect cancer has on people’s lives and I will do anything I can to have a positive impact on the cancer community.

Personal Statement
The picture I have on my profile is a collage of a few of the people I ride for along with a picture of me in the bottom right corner. To try to describe these people would take more space than available because, although some left too soon, they each have an amazing story.
We each have encountered these people: the man who always treated you like family even though you weren't, the woman who was always there for her family and community, the grandfathers who taught you how to fish and thus, also taught you patience, and the grandma who taught you discipline. We each have encountered numerous others whose lives have been greatly affected by cancer. I ride for those people.

In memory of:
Scott Roessing
M'Liss Stevens
Grandpa Hunt
Grandpa Lindig

In honor of:
Grandma Hunt
Willie Hunt

Who do you ride for?
Please email me if there is someone for whom you would like me to ride. I would love to.